What is better MBA in India or abroad?

On an international level, MBA is considered as one of the most sought after courses in business schools. Most of the best management colleges in India provide the specialized MBA designated courses that are designated to meet the requirements of Indian Students. This helps the Indian students to get an edge over getting the job in the country and acquaint themselves with the corporate administration of the companies or join their family business.

In the past few years, overseas education has become the rage in the Indian students and most of the students are considering foreign MBA degree for better exposure. MBA students always get confused over the question of careful consideration of settle on an MBA abroad or in India.

Career Opportunities

Much depends on the career opportunities if you are looking for an MBA degree in some foreign country. The Indian premier institutes like IIM and IBS placements with a maximum salary package of INR 14-15 lakh per annum. But, if you are studying an MBA for a foreign university, the average salary of an MBA graduate ins 40-50lakh as per industry standards. To achieve and stand out from the crowd with a better salary,  foreign education gives you an edge over the others.

Curriculum and Exposure

One of the major advantages of pursuing MBA from abroad is the sheer diversity you are likely to get exposed to. From cultural to racial diversity of your peers in the varied market will help you to understand the psyche of the international clients and customers which means you are likely to learn to look at the challenges from the different perspectives. The curriculum of the MBA in a foreign university is completely dependent upon the global scenario. If you are opting for MBA in Canada or the USA, it is possible that you will be learning a lot about the indigenous market conditions. An MBA from India will be invaluable if you plan to join the family business or launch the startup.

Cost Factor

This is one of the major factors that affect the decision making of any MBA aspirant. MBA courses in abroad will cost you between 4-8 lakhs without any scholarship and whereas, studying the premier universities of America will cost you around 10-20 lakh rupees.

Quality of Education

In India, there are total 1,250 approved business schools and some of them are exceptionally good. An MBA program in other colleges may not enhance your career prospects. Whereas, the foreign colleges who are ready to intake the international students provide exceptional education as their government also grants them the support for performing well.

Mainly, the foreign education depends upon the two main factors, your marks and your budget. The main thing that affects your foreign education is your marks, if you are a scholar who scores good marks, then it is a probability that you will get the scholarship. If not, then you should be ready enough to shell out some considerable amount of money for your foreign education. But, foreign education is like an investment, it may happen that the money you spent on your education, you recover it in the next one year along with other costs.


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