Ways to make a CTQ Tree

The first step in creating the CTQ tree is to find out the customers’ requirements for a product. For example, if the project says that the production requires a new standard of netbook and customers’ requirement is a light and small netbook. The first step will have lot of sub-steps which will directly be related to the customers’ requirements. We will try to identify the requirements of the customer. Our example for the netbook might be small and light, which is able to run high quality graphics, fast processor, high level of customization and affordable price.
These goals are achieved with the open dialogue between the both of the teams working on the CTQ as well as the customer. When this kind of requirements is met, we analyze how realistic is the approach towards our output is. Can the netbook still be light and small with the ability to run quality graphics? Can it will incur profit to the company after providing all the features to the customer.
The final step is to confirm the requirements of the customers have set for the product and that can be met by the company and the manufacturer. Open discussion is advised in order to check all the loopholes that might affect the productivity of the company.
CTQ tree enables all the management to sit and think about all the possible factors that might accelerate the growth of the company.

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