Connect to potential customers using Inbound Marketing


Connect to potential customers using Inbound Marketing:

There are many blogs and articles that keep on discussing about the inbound marketing and the persona research. So now moving ahead in new direction in using the “inbound marketing” and developing personas is compulsory. The next step is proceeding in increasing the journey of the buyer and then nurturing the leads.

The journey of Buyer:

While making any sort of purchasing decision, usually a person moves down through four phases. In the language of inbound marketing, these general stages are termed as the ‘buyer’s journey”. It is very important to reach out the prospects at every single stage of this buyer’s journey for addressing the specific concerns and questions. When it comes to content portion then the user looks for new and interesting content at every step so as to hold a clear concept about every feature related to the topics they are connected to and looking for.

• Awareness Phase:

The initial phase is the “awareness” phase. In this particular phase, the commoner holds the symptoms of issue or look for any opportunity and for that they need to do better research for identifying the issue. Using the website and many other tools of marketing for addressing some of the basic problems can be beneficial. These can help them in starting new associations between you and someone who can help you in getting answers to all your questions.

• Consideration Stage:

The second step that user takes is the consideration stage where the specific buyer researches the potential solutions to the respective problems. The ultimate goal is the conversion of those visitors of website in leads by simply collecting the contact information. For getting the visitors for providing the email and other data that is needed for offering them with value content like whitepapers, eBooks or the webinars. So, this particular step is a part of “nurturing” the leads till they end up with the completion of the buying process.

• Decision stage:

When the user selected prospects is done on the problem’s solutions. This is the time when they will simply compare between the vendors and then decide who will actually be their respective solution provider. Most of the websites decides only to speak to the person in this respective phase of the journey. If the website simply lies over the phone numbers or the contact form then you can simply calculate that approx. 80 percent of the prospect is lost. They are not only in the phase of decision making.

• Delight Phase:

When the third phase ends, the prospects are clear in their vision of purchasing the products or services. So, the last phase is the state called as the delight phase. This process may involve the upselling to the current customers, making a repeat customer or even turning the customer in the brand evangelist who will stand for your respective firm in front of colleagues and friends. If you need to improve the complete life value and connections to your customers then completely concentrate over the marketing and the application of the marketing tools.
So, being concentrated over every single phase will take you bit closer to your success. A bit mistake while applying the digital marketing tools will surely take a wrong turn over the graph of your career.

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