5 Effectual Methods of getting leads from Website Traffic


Revenue model in Digital Marketing is completely based on the display advertising. The rate of revenue collection is not always linked to more traffic engaged to a particular website. Less than 30 percent of the internet user visits the page after looking up the display ads


The best way of monetizing the web traffic of internet is to change them in leads and then using the leads for product marketing and promotion using follow up over the phone call or email marketing. This method of marketing is well termed as inbound marketing. Now a days, the scope and crazy of outbound marketing is not much effective as people are coming up with better ways to turn out interruptions. The content marketing is the component of digital marketing that is the best way to attract and engage traffic over the website. Content marketing is carried forward using the marketing strategy through social media, blogging and Online Marketing. Attracting traffic is not a big deal but converting them to lead is much difficult.

Here are five basic yet effective suggestions that you can include in conversion process:

  1. Notification Banners:
    On the topmost section of any website, you will find a complete extended banner and these wide banners are the notification banners. Notification bars are very good in catching the attention of the users due to its location over the website. Notification bar can be connected to email forms or it can be directly linked to the landing page of the website. You can even add many paid or free alternatives in you notification bar that can engage more traffic.
  2. Landing Page:
    Visitors always go for something that is pleasing to eye or can say that is eye catching in appearance, So landing page is one of the best way to convert traffic to lead. Landing page is the first area where the visitor gets the clear idea about the page. In fact, the main reason behind creating the landing page is collecting information regarding contacts. The conversion ratio is approx. 60 percent if one has an effective landing page combined with specific traffic. Creating landing page in your personalize blogs or content website increases the traffic engagement through referrals, search engines. These engagement increases the probability of lead collection.
  3. Popup Forms that cannot be blocked:
    These unlockable popups are the best way of traffic conversion. You may have noticed these popups in many of the blogs or websites. Approx. 10 percent of traffic of daily blogs can be converted to leads depending on the effectiveness of the offer your website provides.
  4. Headers Area Forms:
    The most important and priced piece of the real estate for any website is the placing of opt in box in the area of header. You can even improve conversions by developing customized theme if you are full-fledged with resources and you can even split test it.
  5. Welcoming Redirects:
    You can easily redirect the visitors who visited the landing page of your blog for the first time. The visitor have made the choice of visiting the page on the condition of getting back something valuable like newsletter or e-books. Adding such plugins will redirect your visitors.

Conclusion in gist:
The concept is same for every of the technique we use for lead generation. Provide valuable and sufficient content and attract visitors and then achieve the authority of mailing them. This is the most effective way for attention seeking of the visitors. Provide something valuable or something demanding by attaching in the mail so that you can get the trust of the visitors. Marketing Communications plays very important role in attracting the attention of visitors to convert them into leads. Other steps that you can take to engage traffic is affective advertisements, involving media and even taking guidance from the marketing managers.

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